Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Experience culture, beautiful landscaping, artistry and one of the world's largest parks.


Museums & Culture

San Diego's Balboa Park offers culture like no other urban park in the nation.  Explore the preservation of Hispanic, African and other cultures at Centro Cultural de la Raza or WorldBeat Center. Learn how to make sushi and the art of calligraphy in the Zen atmosphere of Japanese Friendship Garden. Release your curiosity and interest in science when you visit San Diego Air & Space Museum, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and the San Diego Automotive museum. There are plenty of history museums in Balboa Park dedicated to subjects ranging from the Armed Forces to Mingei – the art of the people.



Visit one of the many art galleries Balboa Park in San Diego has to offer. In addition to the abundance of art galleries, you'll find various performing arts venues, from the Tony Award winning Old Globe to the oldest youth theatre program: San Diego Junior Theatre.


Gardens Galore

Enjoy 1,200 acres of lush landscaping and gardens at Balboa Park. Relax in tranquility in one of the eight gardens the park has to offer. Some of the gardens are a part of or adjacent to other attractions in Balboa Park, making it easier for you to see all you wish to see while navigating the park grounds.


San Diego Zoo

A favorite attraction for all ages, The San Diego Zoo is open year-round and offers multiple ticket options including one-day tickets and multi-day/multi-park tickets. Offering much more than just a few hours with animals, the San Diego Zoo is a full experience! You'll have the opportunity to enjoy the zoo's special features, such as tours and animal interactions, education programs and even sleepovers!

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Snack breaks & More

Unwind with family or friends after taking in so many sights. Multiple cafés, restaurants and snack carts line the streets of Balboa Park, many of them located inside popular attractions. Don't forget to stop by the carousel, hike through the Florida Canyon trails or try your hand at Lawn Bowling.